Your Deck Stain Questions Answered

Your Deck Stain Questions Answered

A hardwood deck is an excellent feature for your home. Your deck is an affordable way to add living space to your home while also enjoying the outdoors. Deck staining is an essential step in routine maintenance, so here are some important answers to all your staining questions.

How Often Do I Need to Stain a Deck?

For best results, a deck needs to be stained every two years. A stain is best applied to a completely dry deck, so don’t apply stain within three days of rain. Depending on the amount of rain, snow and other elements your deck is exposed to, as well as the amount of traffic, you may have to stain your deck sooner or you may be able to wait up to three years before staining.

When Should I Apply the First Stain?

Your brand-new deck needs to be conditioned before it’s ready to be stained. You want your deck to be properly dried for optimal coating of your stain, so wait anywhere between three months to a year before deck staining. The exact amount depends on the type of wood and your climate, so it’s best to ask a professional before staining.

How Can I Clean My Deck?

Routine cleaning should be done with a broom or other dry means of cleaning. Before your deck is stained, you’ll need to clean it thoroughly with a power washer and oxygen bleach. This not only cleans the deck but also strips it of any old stain that may affect your new coat.

How Do I Stain a Deck?

Once you’re ready to stain your deck, it’s important to select the correct stain type, applicator and day to stain. Deck staining is more complicated than it may seem, so you’ll want to consider a professional painter who specializes in decks. Professional stain application is the best way to ensure a beautiful look and long-lasting seal on your deck.