How To Choose the Right Residential Paint Color

Refresh your home with professional residential painting services. Paint is one of the most affordable ways to give your home a complete makeover. Make it your own with a new color for your siding, trim and interior. Choosing the best paint can seem daunting, but use these steps to compare sheens, colors and professional painting services near you.

Compare Sheens

Paints come in a variety of sheens, from the shiny look of high gloss to the more muted nature of flat. Flat or matte colors are a popular choice for a more understated look, but glossier options are easier to clean. Consider a semi-gloss option for your kitchen and bathroom. These high-traffic areas often need more cleaning than other areas. Other interior areas are better suited to matte or flat colors.

Choose Complementary Colors

It’s all in the color scheme. Your residential painting can dramatically increase your home’s value if you choose the right palette, but it can also negatively affect your home’s value with an unusual or unpleasant color scheme. Don’t invest in professional services without choosing a dynamic, complementary color scheme.

Work with a professional painter in your area to find a popular paint scheme. Choosing one or two accent colors can really help your primary color shine. Consider using your interior decorations as inspiration. Use a navy blue couch as the accent color or match your entire color scheme to your favorite rug or art piece. Complementary colors may be difficult to choose on your own, but it’s easy to recognize when a scheme works well.

Ask a Professional

A professional painting team has the equipment necessary to completely change the look of your home. Contact a painter in your area for residential painting services. Discuss your paint ideas and ask for their opinion to see how you can improve the value of your home and personalize your property.