Why Is Powerwashing Needed for Repainting?

Professional painting companies do more than paint your home’s exterior. They take the time to prepare surfaces before painting. One of these steps involves powerwashing. Why is pressure washing needed and why should you leave it to the pros?

Performing a Thorough Cleaning

The first reason powerwashing is important is that exteriors tend to get dirty over time. The base of the house often has significant dirt and mud, but all of the siding needs a good cleaning.

The longer it has been since the last time exteriors have been washed, the more ground-in dirt is. Just using the garden hose isn’t enough to get rid of this level of caked-on soil. In addition to dirt, many home exteriors also have a layer of grease, soot or grime that must be removed.

Pressure washing can cut through dirt and grease effectively. The power of the water can reach into cracks to blast away hidden grime.

Eliminating Mildew

Exterior surfaces also tend to have mildew spots. Getting rid of mildew takes extra care and experience compared to dirt. Not only is pressure washing needed, but mildew-removing products must be applied as well. Mildew spores have to be killed with special detergents or chlorinated products, otherwise they return.

This step is essential before painting. It’s especially vital for wood surfaces. If mildew isn’t removed before applying sealer or finish, the stains will be impossible to remove without sanding later.

Getting Rid of Loose Paint

Another reason for powerwashing is to prepare a clean, even surface for the paint to adhere to. The strength of the high-pressure washer can remove old paint and other debris. That way, your new paint looks beautiful and doesn’t crack or flake off later.

For all of these steps, you need a professional. Painting pros know how much pressure is safe for different surfaces. They also use high-quality products that deliver results without damaging siding or wood surfaces.