Why Homeowners Shouldn’t Try Power washing DIY Projects

In these days of YouTube videos, many people like DIY projects. Unfortunately, with many home improvement or maintenance tasks, trying to take on projects solo can be dangerous. It’s possible to hurt yourself or damage the area of your house that you’re working on. Powerwashing is one of those things you should always leave to a professional.

Damaged Siding

Not all types of siding are compatible with powerwashing. Some can crack if you use too much pressure. Another common mistake is blowing siding off of the house because of using the wrong angle for cleaning. Trying to save money this way can make you end up paying for costly re-siding work.

Professionals know which materials can handle pressure washing. They also know exactly how much pressure to use to remove dirt and grime safely.

Wasted Money

Not all pressure washing equipment is made the same. There are industrial-quality systems, commercial-grade pressure washers and smaller equipment for driveway cleaning. Many places that rent pressure washing equipment have old units that barely have enough output for the job.

If you don’t understand what PSI is or how many gallons of water per minute you need for cleaning, don’t try to rent a pressure washer. You end up wasting money on a less-than-effective job that takes three times as long. In the end, you will likely have to call a professional anyway.

Mildew Problems

Some common mistakes with pressure washers can cause major problems for your home. If you’re not careful, moisture can make its way behind the siding, allowing mold or mildew to grow inside structural areas of the home. You also need to choose the right chemicals to neutralize mildew correctly. Otherwise, it just grows back underneath paint or wood finish.

Powerwashing professionals understand how to apply detergents and rinse surfaces safely. Instead of wasting money, have painting experts do things the right way from the beginning.