What to Look for in Commercial and Residential Painters

Painting is a low-cost way to update your home or commercial building. Whether you’re looking to sell your home, improve productivity in your workplace or simply enjoy a fresh, new look, here are some common traits to look for in a residential or commercial painter.

Experienced Professionals

Choose a painter or painting company that has years of experience. When you work with an experienced professional, you’ll enjoy hassle-free communication, streamlined services and a level of quality and professionalism that may not always be the case with a new company.

Ask your painter for their qualifications and certifications. Certified painters have the specific training they need for a safe, efficient workspace and a quality paint job. They know how to work with any other contractor you may need to hire for your commercial or residential renovation, and can help you pick out popular colors to achieve the mood you’re looking for in your home or office.

Great Reviews

A professional residential or commercial painter should have plenty of reliable reviews from satisfied customers. After years of service, the best painters have a loyal following of customers who are happy to recommend their services. Look for online reviews or ask neighbors and other business owners in your area who they would refer for your painting project. Don’t just listen to what the company says about themselves, but let their satisfied customers speak for them.

Competitive Estimates and Timelines

Finally, you need affordable and prompt painting services to get a headstart on your project. Ask for estimates and compare local companies to find the best balance of quality, affordable and prompt services in your area. When it comes to hiring a commercial or residential painter, you may want to invest in a more qualified painter, but it’s always good to know the cost before you choose to work with a painter. Once you contact the best painting company in your area, you can be confident that your home or commercial building will have a whole new look and feel.