New paint can instantly give renewed life to any space improving the moods and efficiency of those working in the room. However, choosing a commercial painter among the bombardments of advertising and referrals can be a daunting task. These tips can help you choose a company that delivers the results you want.

Skills and Experience

The company should have trained professionals who have the skills and experience to work independently on your office. Whether they work alone or in teams, the company should have equipped them with the knowledge to provide an accurate quote and timeline for the project. Some companies may have a set person to do this, but they should convey that information up front. Whoever shows up to paint the building should be able to handle minimal supervision to complete the job. Using a company with years of experience can help you find one that can do a good job.

Equipment and Tools

A smaller company may have the skills and experience you need, but do they have everything on hand to complete the job? Office spaces tend to be large making spray guns handy to quickly and efficiently repaint the space. Taller buildings require large ladders, boom lift or scaffolding. They should be able to easily acquire what they need or own the equipment. It does you no good to use a company that cannot paint the full inside with vaulted ceilings.

Professionalism and Reputation

What past customers have to say about a business says a lot about how the company handles problems and projects. Do they flake halfway through a project? Do they underquote and then slap on fees on the back end? Do they take twice as long as projected to complete the job? How they handle things like this gives you an idea of their professionalism and affects their overall reputation.

In the end, hire a commercial painter that you feel confident can do the job. These tips are one way to sort through the long list of available companies and narrow down those you get quotes from.