Tips and Tricks for Interior Paintings


Painting is a quick and easy way to update and refresh your home. However, if you do not paint regularly, it is often a good idea to consult professional painters to help you get the job done. This will ensure that everything is done right and that all painting is completed in a timely manner.


Know the Size of the Room

To ensure that you get enough paint, you have to know the total square footage of the room you are painting. The general rule of thumb is for every 400 square feet of space, you need one gallon of paint. If you do not use a primer or the wall surface has a special texture, you may need more.


Clean the Walls First

Before priming and painting, you want to remove dust, cobwebs and other impurities. This helps to ensure a smoother paint application. It also ensures that the color you apply will look pure and even since dirt and debris can negatively affect the paint color and application process.


Use a Good Primer

Professional painters will tell you that a good primer is necessary no matter what color you are using to paint with. Priming the walls gives you a blank slate to paint on which can reduce how many coats you need to get an opaque and even paint application.


Adequately Ventilate the Space Before Painting

Paint fumes can be strong, so you need to ventilate the space well so that the fumes do not become overwhelming. Opening a window or two is generally adequate for ventilation. Make sure to be mindful of the fumes and ventilate more if necessary. Wearing a mask is also recommended.


Make sure to take time to really explore the different colors and techniques for interior painting. Professional painters can help you decide on the best options and aid you in determining if you need other painting done inside your home or any exterior painting.