The Pros & Cons Of Painting Wood Trim

Dining room in new construction home with wood trimIf you’re moving into an old home you’re probably facing a sea of dark wood trim and crown molding. While this is a common feature in old craftsman and bungalow homes, it may not be a style for everyone. As a new homeowner you may want to change up the old world look and make your interior brighter by painting the original wood trim. However, is this a good idea? It depends. Painting wood trim could either be beneficial or detrimental to the value and look of your home, so if you’re not sure what you should do here are some tips.


Painting Old Trim

If you choose to have your trim painted, a white hue will really brighten up your home. We also recommend that trim is painted with a high gloss sheen because it’s more durable and will withstand heavier wear and tear. We also strongly recommend that trim be painted by a professional. Precision and plenty coats of paint is key to making painted wood trim look beautiful and like it was always painted.


By choosing the right paint to compliment your wood trim and the right painter, you can preserve the integrity of the wood, while creating a space with updated style.


Keeping It Classic

Having your trim painted can be a long process depending on the size of your home. Not only that, but depending on the style and type of wood trim your home has, keeping it classic may be the better option.


There are many ways to make wood trim  fit in with your decor and paint colors that strongly compliment wood hues. For example, a mustard yellow will add a rustic and country feel to the space, while a light blue can create a beachy atmosphere. Want something a little more subtle? Go with a paint that has neutral or grey undertones so that the brown trim doesn’t overwhelm the space.


If you’re unsure of what you want to do, you can always meet in the middle and keep classic wood trim in some rooms, while painting the trim in others. We recommend painting the trim in small rooms to make them feel larger, like in bedrooms and bathrooms.


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