Picking a Color Scheme for a Teen Bedroom


Navigating the waters of the teenage years can be difficult for parents and when decisions about style come into play, it can be especially treacherous. The one place a teenager can express his or her style is their bedroom. When it comes to choosing bedroom paint colors, there are options that can work for both teenagers and parents.


The first step to picking a color scheme for a teenager’s bedroom is to listen and be open to the teenager’s color preference. If they are adamant about certain colors or designs, there are ways to make that happen in versatile and stylish ways. If bright pink is desired, there are professionals that can help design a reasonable color scheme around that pigment. Many websites offer examples of unique and creative ways to incorporate color and decorations into a bedroom design.


Neutral colors like beige, white and gray do not have to be boring. In fact, using neutral bedroom paint colors allows for endless opportunities to add pops of colors with picture frames and furniture. With light-gray paint, any brightly-colored accessory will stand out in a chic way. A bright red desk lamp or yellow pillow case, for example, add some flare to the neutral backdrop.


Wall murals are also popular with teenagers and they are a fun and easy way to express creativity and individual style. There are interior design websites that offer mural and wall stencil ideas. Also, professional designers can take a teen’s mural idea and transform it into an achievable design.


Choosing bedroom paint colors can be difficult and hiring a professional designer or painter is recommended. With a professional interior decorator or designer, the appropriate paint colors will be chosen and applied with expertise. Choosing a color scheme for a teen bedroom can seem challenging, but with proper research and some imagination, it can be done in a fun and stress-free way.