In many homes, the kitchen is the primary family gathering spot. It’s where you find the smell of freshly baked cookies or snag a taste of homemade pizza. If your kitchen is a bit lackluster or the space isn’t functional for your cooking needs, looking at a kitchen remodeling can transform your space into something amazing. It doesn’t have to break the bank, but let’s be honest, somethings are worth the investment. Any improvement you make can add to your home’s value. Consider the essentials of a good remodel project.

1. Cabinets

The cabinets are both a functional and aesthetic component of any kitchen. Without enough of them, you are left with crowded and cluttered countertops, but too many can make your kitchen look cramped and small. Many homes choose custom cabinetry to make the best use of the space, but it also allows you to specify the design and color of your cabinet material.

2. Countertops

Whether you want to go high end with granite or lean toward the sleek of stainless steel or concrete, nothing says kitchen remodeling like new countertops. It isn’t just about the look and design. Countertops are often the primary prep spaces in a kitchen. Having enough space that will hold up to continued use can make or break your cooking attempts.

3. Appliances

These are the major players in your kitchen, as you really can’t get your meal on the table without them. If you enjoy cooking, invest in appliances that have the capacity to meet your needs efficiently. If you are a serious baker, work a double oven into your kitchen remodeling project. If you eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, spring for a large refrigerator.

When you improve the design and space of your kitchen, you find it is easier to whip up a gourmet meal, midnight snack or holiday feast. Check with an experienced contractor and explore your possibilities.