Interior Painting – What Colors to Choose

Your home says a lot about you. Before you start your next painting project, you should spend some time focused on the color you plan to use. Your color choice can have a bit impact on the overall look and feel of your home. It is important to research your color options and choose wisely. Here are some tips you can use to make the right choice for your space.


Paint comes in more than one sheen. Flat paint is standard for ceilings, but many interior rooms feature eggshell or satin sheens. Satin is often easier to clean making it ideal in areas such as the kitchen or bathroom.


Paint schemes are a necessary consideration for both interior and exterior painting. Your rooms can have trim around windows, baseboards and other accents. Many people choose a neutral contrasting color to the main paint like white or light grey. Interior painting can include feature designs in the paint from texture to stripes and other effects. The colors can be done in varying shades of the same hue or completely contrast. Some people prefer a solid color scheme with nothing to break up the look.


Don’t be afraid to ask for paint samples. These small bottles let you paint a small area, especially where you may be concerned about the effect of the light. You can leave it on for a few days to see if you still like it. Or place two or more samples next to each other to see which you like better. Samples are an inexpensive way to make sure the color works for your home.

Choose the right paint color for your painting project and choose a qualified professional to help. A painting professional can take over the time-consuming task and create the finished look you desire. The right professional properly preps the space before painting and may even offer to do some minor repairs when necessary.