Getting Ready to Work With Commercial Painting Contractors

Just like a homeowner would for his or her house, you want to keep your office space looking nice and inviting. Regular maintenance and upkeep are critical. One of the easiest ways to improve the ambiance and appeal of your building to repaint. Before the commercial painting company you hired comes over to start the project, there are some important preparatory steps you need to take.

One Last Meeting With the Painters

You’ve no doubt communicated often with the painting contractors about what you’re looking for in this project. In the days leading up to the painters’ arrival, meet with the contractor one more time to finalize all your plans. It’s good to ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to the entire scope of the project, including the timeline, the colors you want and what parts of the building will be included.

Prepare Your Employees

A big commercial painting job will likely interfere with your daily operations somewhat. Make sure your staff is aware of how long the painters will be in the building and what areas of the office will be affected. The painters may do all the work after your normal business hours, though some employees may still be directly affected by the painting. Either way, inform your staff members on whether they need to move any personal belongings out of the way. You may also need to temporarily relocate people to other parts of the building.

Do a Walk-Through

On the day before the painters arrive to start their work, comb through your building to make sure everything is ready. Identify any safety issues the painters should be aware of. Make sure you have a place reserved for the crew to park and to place supplies and gear.

When you follow these guidelines for your upcoming commercial painting project, things can much more smoothly. This will also help you achieve the results you want for your office.