Finding the Best Paint for Interior Walls

House Painters

Not all paints are created equal. Some formulas are best for painting wood or vinyl siding, while other paints are best for decks and furnishings. Some paints are designed to eliminate odors and stains while others are best for enhancing existing color. If you want to invest in interior painting, you first need to consider what look you are going for, that way the painting contractor you hire can direct you towards the paint that will best meet your wants and needs. Some things to consider when shopping for interior paint are the following:


Cheaper is Not Better

Sure, the cheap gallon will save you $20 upfront, but it won’t go very far. For one, cheaper paint doesn’t spread as nicely as the more expensive formulas. With cheap paint, a single room may require three coats to achieve the desired effect, while higher quality paint can get the job done in a single coat. Additionally, cheaper paint is not as durable as higher quality paint. Homeowners who do use low quality paint find that they’re having to redo the paint job within a year or two, while those who use better brands enjoy longer lasting color.


Shades Are Important

You may have decided to have your interior painting contractors paint your kitchen walls yellow, but have you given any thought to the shade of yellow that you would like to use? The shade you choose can have a significant impact on the way a room looks and feels, so be sure that when you tell your contractors to pick up a certain color paint, they know which shade of that color you mean.


Test Before You Paint

A color sample looks very different in the store than it does in one’s home. If you like a color in the store, bring home a sample and paint a small section of your wall. Check out the color at different times of day to make sure that you like it how it looks with your furniture and décor. The last thing you want is to pay an interior painting contractor to paint one room, only to discover that you hate the color and have to pay them to redo it.