4 Interior Paint Myths Debunked


There’s more than one way to change your home’s decor. Interior painting is one of the simplest options. You may be wondering where to start. You’ve probably heard all sorts of dos and don’ts about home design. You may be surprised that the “right” way of sprucing up your rooms with paint colors are actually myths.


There’s a perception that colors can make a room feel hot or cold. Of course, color creates a certain mood but it’s more to it than that. It’s always a good idea to paint small areas of the wall with the hues you like and sit with them for a day or two. By doing this, you can see how the color looks during different times of the day. This helps you choose the option that gives the space the right feel you’re going for.


Is your furniture dark? Do you need white to brighten up the space? This is what many people think when it comes to interior painting. The fact is using pale pastels, off-white or white is not the best move. These colors create a deep contrast and make the furniture stand out even more. Instead, choose a deep, saturated paint color to diffuse the contrast.


Many people believe rooms with small windows don’t need color. The belief is there won’t be enough natural light to highlight the color. In this case, size doesn’t matter. The limited light doesn’t impact white walls either. So, you might as well go with deep colors that reflect your style and accentuate the room’s intimate atmosphere.


Finally, there’s the notion that adding color to a small room makes it feel even smaller. While it’s tempting to stick with white, try deep saturated hues. For the most part, colors don’t change how we perceive the size of a space.


Don’t let old myths hold you back. There are so many interior painting ideas at your disposal that you can easily change your rooms from bland to glam.